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Amy’s debut album is set to be released in the fall of 2022.

Two and a half years in the making, the idea for the album came in March 2020 - when friend and band member Trevor Newnham sent a bluesy bass line idea and said “Get writing!!!!” and the ballad ‘Marionette’ was later born.


Amy has co-written songs on the album with songwriters Trevor Newnham, Graham Cuttill and Al Vosper, as well as taking on songs the team had written with her in mind.


Amy also wanted to bring her family along and has co-written songs with her father Wayne and her brother Harry.


There’s also special appearances from musicians Zak Barrett and Paul Bleach, with some twinkling from Sam Edwards on keys.


With the album set to rock your world, bring you to tears and make you boogie with it’s blues, rock, pop, neyo - soul infused funk vibes with a sprinkle of stripped back piano ballads, the album reflects many different genres, with lots of different stories (a little something for everyone) giving Amy the chance to experiment with different styles and create a showreel of what she can do.


Comprising of 10 original tracks and one groovy Neo - soul cover (brought back from the 70’s) it’s set to be some of Amy’s finest work and a dream come true!

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